How does the eFoil work?

The eFoil is a mix of all the sports we love; surfing, kite foiling, flying, and deep powder snowboarding. A powerful electric jet is mounted on a wing with a propeller, beneath high-performance surfboard. The foil and wings combine to allow riders of all abilities to fly above a body of water.

How did you discover the Foil Ride eFoil?

We are keen kite foilers in our spare time and have been keeping an eye on the emerging technological advances in mounting a foil under a board with an electric motor. New advances in rechargeable battery tech has allowed prototypes to become commercially available. We found our supplier and realised that they had a great product and we wanted to become a training school.

Why is the Foil Ride special?

Here’s the big secret…you can be a one-lesson hero. It’s easy to experience super-cool hydroboarding. Soon you will be flying over water. Once flying the eFoil is quiet and smooth. It is the most amazing experience!

Where can people take the Foil Ride, and what might they see?

Lessons take place the beautifully sheltered waters. This makes the area a perfect location to give you the best eFoiling experience as you fly above the surface of the water.